Raipur Collection Mango Wood Coffee Table

Raipur Collection Mango Wood Coffee Table


W 770 mm – D 500 mm – H 470 mm

A beautiful mango wood coffee table with a charming sliding door feature, perfect for storing anything from DVDs and magazines to coasters and board games.

View the full Raipur mango wood furniture collection with Wood Furniture Store, Grimsby near Hull.

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Mango Wood Coffee Table

This mango wood coffee table is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to celebrate beautiful natural wood in their living room while enjoying the benefits of additional storage space.

The coffee table has a sliding door feature that is unique to the furniture in our Raipur collection and makes for a stunning item in your home. It protects whatever you choose to store inside while adding style and sophistication to your decor. You can use the shelving and chest inside to store magazines, snacks, books, board games or whatever else! It’s ideal for multiplying out storage space while enjoying the beauty of mango wood furniture in your living room.

All the items in this collection are handmade and of the highest quality. Your mango wood coffee table will last for years to come!


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