Living room trends 2020

Living Room Trends 2020

It’s a new year and a new decade. We all recognise the styles of different periods as we look back: the art deco of the 1920s, the bold colours and shapes of the 60s and 70s… but how will this year and this decade be recognised? Read our guide to the living room trends of 2020 so you can decorate in style this new decade.

Interior Design Trends

Trends can inspire you to think about new ideas for your home, perhaps colours and shapes that you hadn’t considered before or combinations that bring new life and energy into your room. However, it’s always worth remembering that you should decorate your home your way.

Whatever the latest interior design fashions, you should follow them only so much as you enjoy the way it impacts your home and your space. No matter how fashionable it might be, don’t feel pressured to follow the crowd unless you want to!

The very best styles are usually those that blend together new designs with old loved classics. Why not take an element of some of these living room trends and incorporate it into the interior that you already have? You can create a unique and stylish room that works for you.

Age Old Rules

No matter the way trends change, there are some interior design rules you should always follow. These will ensure that whichever new trend you go with as you redecorate your living room in 2020 (or if you decide to stick with your tried and tested style!), you can’t go too far wrong.

1. Textures

Including textures will always be important. Mix textures into your other furniture to soften the room as a whole. For example, you could include a woven rug underneath a wood coffee table to balance texture with the harder materials. Adding cushions, curtains or rugs will always bring more interest to a room and prevent it feeling flat.

Wood bench with cushions

2. Natural light

The importance of light in a space will never change. Consider where the windows are in the room and how natural light will enter, where the sun will hit and how you want to use this.

It’s also important to consider how the room will behave when it’s dark and which parts you want to be light. For example, a reading nook benefits from lots of natural light, or a lamp in the evenings. This means you might want to place an armchair by the window, but not so it blocks the light in the room.

3. Colour Schemes

While the colours on trend in 2020 might change, the idea of picking a colour scheme will not. Whatever colour is stylish, it’s vital you think about what it’s paired with, what complements it and what makes it pop.

Use a colour wheel and find your colour. The colour next to it will blend and complement well. The colour of the direct opposite side will always clash and make it look more bold. For example, purple and yellow look extremely striking side by side while yellow and orange blend together.

Colour wheel

4. Think about purpose

Trend is one thing, but you still need to consider what you’re going to use your living room for – you don’t want to end up getting frustrated by impracticalities! If you often have a lot of friends over, you might want to ensure you have two sofas, for example, even if you’re going for a minimalist style. Practicality has to come before the latest trends!

Timeless Trends

There are some looks that will never go out of style. In 2020, these styles are sure to be as popular as ever.

Real Wood

Real, solid wood furniture isn’t going anywhere. In fact, with a greater sense of the importance of the natural world, it’s only going to become more popular. People continue to value the quality and timeless designs of wood furniture.

Oak in particular will stay as popular as ever. There are different tones of oak available to complement different colour palettes, but it remains a great way to add warmth and a sense of familiarity into a living room. From coffee tables to TV units, real wood furniture will stay on trend in 2020.

Living room with real wood table

Bold Colours

Bold colours were popular in 2019 with bright yellow accents, for example, being a stylish way to complement the minimalist trend. Bold accent colours are going nowhere and will continue to prove popular in 2020.

Bright yellow sofa in living room in 2020

The Newcomers

These are the up and coming 2020 living room trends to watch out for and consider embracing in your room this year.

Calm Spaces

Modern life is only getting busier and more stressful, but this has led to increased positive mental health movements, encouraging people to relax and step back. This trend in the way mental health and work/life balance is viewed will only increase this year, and over the coming decade. This will also be reflected in interior design.

Calm spaces that promote relaxation and comfort are going to be more popular than colder, less homey spaces. This means plenty of space to sit down and relax, lots of seating to chat with friends, and cosy armchairs for some alone time. It promotes choosing furniture for your living room that makes you feel happy and at home.

Creating a calm space


Along these lines, the comforting textures of bouclé will be on trend in 2020. The looping patterns in the fabric is decorative but comforting, perfect for creating a calm and relaxing space.


In 2019, we saw the world becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. This trend is set to develop even more in 2020 as environmental concerns become ever more pressing.

This turn towards nature will be reflected in the latest living room design trends with the organic being favoured more than ever. This means lots of raw materials like wool throws, as well as woven baskets and wicker furniture mixed with real wood. It favours dark greens, browns and softer blues, preferring warmer colours over cool.

Be careful if you choose this style not to go too dark overall. Try painting the room an off-white, such as ‘eggshell white’ or ‘white cotton’, and using warmer, natural tones in the decor and furnishings. Fill the room with real wood furniture for a very organic feel and make sure you include lots of real plants.

If you’re not confident that you can keep a real plant alive, try a succulent or cactus. This is a better look than choosing fake plants. You could opt for dry plants too.

Organic trend for 2020

Multifunctional Spaces

In 2020, there’ll be an increase in the use of living rooms as multifunctional spaces. Over the last decade, there’s been a steady increase in popularity of open plan living and this translates into seeing more living rooms blending into the house as a whole in 2020.

In small spaces, this could look like having a desk and bookshelves in the living room to blend your living space with your study, for example. In larger spaces, this might be mixing together your dining room and living room completely for a more connected living experience with less formal separation of space.

Living room blended with dining

Scandanavian Design

Scandanavian design has been present in the UK for a long time with the Scandanavian countries being well known for beautiful interior designs. Ikea, for example, has had stores in the UK since 1987. However, the living room trends of 2020 are set to see an increase in the use of Scandanavian design. Not simply using Ikea furniture, but taking the shapes, colours and arrangements of Scandanavian and Nordic interiors and translating this into UK houses.

This design trend seeks to balance minimalism and warmth. A minimal design in 2020 doesn’t have to mean all white. For example, this stunning TV unit features the long lines and clean design of minimalist Scandanvian interiors, but with the warmth of beautiful real oak. It’s perfect for furnishing a modern living room this year.

Scandanavian 2020 TV unit

Going Out

As we welcome new living room trends in 2020, some styles are going to go out of fashion. If you want to have a modern style of living room, be sure to do away with these looks this year…

Grey on grey

Neutrals will always be popular in interior design. They create a good base for a lot of different styles. However, in 2020, these are shifting away from greys. This comes from the movement towards sustainability, valuing natural tones like soft browns over greys. This will also come with less layering of the same colour in different tones, and more mixing of different colours within a scheme.

Cool tones

Along the same lines, cooler colours like sharper blues and greys are going to be replaced by more earthy tones that make a room feel warmer and cosier.


Previously, having showroom-perfect living rooms has been popular. These are living rooms that have everything in the right place and all the furnishings looking as good as new. However, this trend will be disappearing in 2020.

Instead, layering old and new will be a more popular choice. There’ll be a greater emphasis on character over perfection. This will create more charming and warmer living spaces that help you to feel relaxed and at home.

Perfect living room in 2020

2020 Living Room Trends

If you’re ready to freshen up your space this year, then consider some of the up and coming living room trends of 2020. Always remember that you should decorate your space how you want it. Don’t let trends set the tone of your space unless you want them to. Consider mixing new trends in with your personal style to create a space that’s unique to you.

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