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Unique Kitchen Furniture

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which means it should feel like your own. Unique kitchen furniture allows you to personalise your kitchen, add character and develop its charm. Read this guide from Wood Furniture Store for inspiration and ideas for unique kitchen furniture and how you can use it to the best effect in your home.


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. From making fresh coffee in the morning to cooking dinner for the family, it’s the place where days start and finish so it should be distinctly your own. Unique kitchen furniture allows you to make your kitchen what you want it to be, standing out from your friends’ homes and feeling like it’s specifically yours.

Read this guide from Wood Furniture Store for loads of ideas on unique furniture for your kitchen.


Unique Dining Chairs

Choosing unique kitchen chairs is a fantastic way to personalise your room and set it apart from the crowd. Always remember that you want your dining chairs to be comfortable! You’ll likely spend a lot of time using them and want guests to feel comfortable and welcome in your home.

Chairs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. With dining chairs, it’s important to consider the way they will look beside your dining table and how they will fit into your room. Check before buying that they’ll slide under your table nicely.

This is a beautiful and unique kitchen chair. The leg design, featuring only two, makes it immediately unusual, but the upholstery tops it all off. It features a beautiful leather seat with bold stitching. Retro in style, this chair will definitely add a touch of the unusual to your kitchen and dining experience.

unique kitchen chair

Why not take it a step further? Choosing a bench over traditional dining chairs helps to maximise space, but also adds a little something different into your interior design scheme. This bench mimics the style of a gymnastic pommel horse with high-quality leather upholstery and a rounded shape – you won’t be able to find anything else quite like it!

Pommel horse bench

This is a whole different style of kitchen bench that’s beautifully unique (and extremely comfortable!). While many dining benches don’t offer back support, this is the perfect way to maximise space while still enjoying comfort. It’s also extremely stylish and will bring elegance into your kitchen space.

unique kitchen bench

Bar Stools

There’s nothing more modern than a breakfast bar and bar stools. They help to create a more informal dining area, or help you to better use space in a smaller kitchen. Why would you opt for normal bar stools when there are some stunning unique items to explore?

This beautiful bicycle bar stool is made from genuine leather and is truly unique! It will never fail to entertain guests and will look incredible in any kitchen. The metal frame and bicycle design means it works particularly well in contemporary-style kitchens. However, the tone of the leather gives it a bright, retro feel.

unique bicycle bar stool

Perhaps you prefer traditional to contemporary? This is one of the most unique kitchen furniture items on the market! Made from an old milk churn and a tractor seat, this bar stool can’t not impress. The rustic colours and designs look stunning and it comes with a footrest bar to make it more comfortable.

unusual bar stool

If the countryside, farmhouse aesthetic isn’t for you, then check out this wrought iron guitar chair. It combines rock and roll with something akin to steampunk to create a stunning contemporary kitchen chair. Your friends and family won’t have seen anything like it. It’s a perfect example of unique kitchen furniture.

guitar chair


One way to get unique kitchen furniture is to look at antique items. While you could venture into local antique shops, you can now commonly find antique furniture on many online stores.

Antique furniture is fantastic for creating a unique look and bringing charm to your kitchen. The wood of the item will often look more rustic, aged and authentic than brand new pieces do, speaking of the past stories and lifetimes that it’s experienced. It’s a fantastic way to develop the character of your kitchen.

You can also find unusual items in terms of style. Antique furniture can come in designs that are no longer commonly manufactured, such as apothecary cabinets.

This antique sideboard features forty cataloguing drawers, very unusual compared to kitchen sideboards you’d find in many contemporary furniture shops. The oak is beautifully worn and aged, in a way that only authentic antique furniture can achieve. It’s sure to capture the eye of anyone entering into your kitchen.

Antique and unique sideboard for a kitchen

Industrial Chic

While industrial chic style is more popular than it once was, it’s still unique and unusual, which makes for a fantastic way to fashion your kitchen. It mixes the textures of wood with industrial metals to create a beautiful, unique finish. It’s fantastic for blending contemporary with traditional for a modern kitchen that’s a little unusual.

This beautiful dining table is a perfect example of industrial chic kitchen furniture. The oak tabletop is rustic and worn so it complements the iron metal of the legs. The shape and design of the iron structure are both distinct. The table plays on an industrial Victorian aesthetic combined with the modern steelworks. It’s a stunning and unique kitchen furniture piece.

unique industrial table

This dining table is less distinct than the one above, but works well for achieving a more unique look in your kitchen that’s still sleek and contemporary. Again, blending the industrial aesthetic with beautiful real wood creates a stunning look in any kitchen.

large fusion kitchen table

It’s not just dining tables that can pull off the industrial chic look; this beautiful bookcase is unusual in both its design and materials. It’s a fantastic way to include some unique kitchen furniture in your space.

The frame of the shelves is bold and obvious, creating a contemporary style that doesn’t shy away from being noticed. It also matches the dining table above for a unique but complete style in your kitchen.

unique kitchen shelves

Simple Ways To Make Your Kitchen Unique

Making your kitchen unique doesn’t have to be as complicated as changing its entire style. You could make some simple swaps that set your kitchen apart from the standard design.


Choosing dining benches instead of chairs is an easy way to make your kitchen that little bit different without restyling its entire appearance. We’ve already provided some ideas for unique kitchen benches, but even standard benches can add a little something different compared to your average kitchen.

Benches are also very practical. They tuck under dining tables completely to maximise space in your kitchen. It’s also easier to squeeze an extra person in than it is with dining chairs.

Kitchen benches don’t have to be used at a dining table either. They’re often great against a wall to create extra seating space for putting on shoes or perching while the dinner’s cooking.

kitchen bench furniture

Utensils & Accessories

It’s not just the kitchen furniture that can be unique; choosing unusual utensils and accessories for your kitchen is a fantastic way to add character to your room. This could include anything from hand-painted plates to utensils shaped like animals. Choosing unique kitchen utensils and accessories will help you to express your personality through your kitchen design.

unique kitchen utensil

Personalising Your Furniture

The way to really get unique furniture is to personalise it yourself. Wooden furniture can be sanded and painted using chalk paint. If you have a creative flair, you could paint your own patterns and artwork on the wood. Stretch your imagination and create stunning unique designs to make your kitchen furniture truly your own.

Merging Spaces

To make your kitchen unique, place furniture in the room that you wouldn’t normally expect to find there. Merging spaces is an increasingly popular interior design trend, but will still make your kitchen feel more unique. You could add an armchair into the corner or a sofa against the wall. Why not go further and combine a study space into your dining-kitchen?

If you’re looking for unusual furniture, explore our full collection at Wood Furniture Store. You can view items online or pop into our showroom in Grimsby near Hull and Scunthorpe.

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